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Letter to the Editor - Impeachment necessary to stop Trump’s damage

Regarding impeachment, President Andrew Johnson served out Abraham Lincoln’s term and was known to be a racist and involved in some of the worst aspects of Reconstruction attempts. According to “The Impeachers” by Brenda Wineapple, Johnson barely escaped impeachment conviction by narrow voting. President Clinton was impeached because he lied about having oral sex with a young staffer — not a good thing by any standards but minor in the face of the thousands of lies and misdeeds that have been committed by our “unconventional” president.

It is immoral to let Trump off the hook by saying he is simply “unconventional.” His behavior is very erratic, cruel and criminal. He is making definitive legal proof of some of this very difficult by obstructing Congress at every turn. This in and of itself is an impeachable act.

Perhaps the 25th Amendment might be a better tool, even though I know this would have to originate in the president’s Cabinet, which is filled by corrupt cronies and sycophants.

To not hold this fraudulent, corrupt, incapable and damaging president accountable makes them and others, who claim to represent balance of power, complicit. Do something!

Mary Mars, Hilliard

Letter to the editor, Columbus Dispatch, September 9, 2019

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