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Our Mission, Values and Strategies

The mission of Upper Arlington Progressive Action is to:

  • Build community among progressives, Democrats and other like-minded voters;
  • Educate ourselves and the greater community on candidates and issues; and
  • Support the election of progressive and Democratic candidates to local, state and federal offices, and in nonpartisan elections in which no endorsed Democratic candidate is on the ballot, to support other UAPA approved progressive candidates.

Our values

  • We support civil and equal rights for all Americans, regardless of race, age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic background or religious tradition.
  • We believe our physical environment must be protected, nurtured and valued more than the profit it can generate since it’s the ultimate infrastructure that supports human life.
  • We support healthcare reform so that all Americans can enjoy the highest level of care possible at affordable prices.
  • We support public programs, policies and laws that help sustain the working poor and their children, as well as the elderly living on fixed incomes and the mentally and physically disabled.
  • We believe that all children deserve a quality education.
  • We think major corporations and their top executives should be held responsible for their actions and regulated to ensure their power doesn’t supersede the authority of our government.
  • We believe in the separation of church and state, as determined by the framers of the Constitution, and believe that moral issues should not be legislated but decided by the individual and the higher power of their own choosing.
  • We support good jobs that provide wages to sustain families; safe and clean working environments; and oppose attempts by the current administration to privatize Social Security.
  • We actively support election reform so that elections on all levels of government are fair, paper-trail verifiable, and truly representative of the public’s voice.
  • We believe in the return of the Fairness Doctrine, and support the dismantling of the large media conglomerates which limit free speech and control the type and amount of information released to the public.
  • We envision a world in which every American feels safe, cared for and free to speak their mind and live as they choose without threat.

Our strategies for achieving our mission include:

  • Building our organization by reaching out to every progressive, Democratic and disenchanted voter in our city.
  • Developing a sense of community, mutual sharing and solidarity among our ranks.
  • Communicating the progressive and Democratic visions, and how these relate to our culture’s values, traditions and ideals.
  • Educating ourselves and the community on issues, and to highlight the progressive and Democratic viewpoint.
  • Building links and maintaining communication with other Democratic and progressive organizations on the local, state and national level.
  • Encouraging the participation of our members in the political process, and to support their political activism with training and education.
  • Utilizing our grassroots network to support the election of candidates who are closely aligned with our values and vision.

    Revised and adopted, January 15, 2008.

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