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Letter to the Editor - Electoral College Reform

Columbus Dispatch,
November 14, 2012

I couldn’t agree more with Jerry Lawson’s idea, (Dispatch, November 14th letter), that the “Electoral College should be revised.

I couldn’t agree less with the revision he, (and Secretary of State Jon Husted), suggested . . . selecting electors based on the vote in each Congressional district.

Though it appears to be a sensible idea, he neglects the fact that, with the Republican’s recently gerrymandered districts, under his plan last week’s election would have given Romney two-thirds of the State’s electors even though he received less that half of the votes in Ohio.

One benefit he sees is that “It might delay the TV networks predicting winners . . .”

If a delay in predicting winners is a good thing, he should consider the fact that every single congressional winner in Ohio was predicted the day our governor signed the gerrymandered redistricting law, months before the election.

Dave Girves

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