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Our History

UAPA is the next generation in the evolution of the organization originally known as UA for Kerry.

Founded by six women in May of 2004, UA for Kerry worked tirelessly toward the defeat of George Bush. A rally held in mid-June, 2004, drew over 500 individuals who listened to speeches, collected literature and donated thousands of dollars to the fledging effort. Clearly the group was fulfilling an unmet need in the traditionally Republican and conservative community.

Over the next six months the organization grew to number over 1,500 people receiving the email newsletter and roughly 40 individuals taking on leadership roles and positions of responsibility. We received local, national and even international media coverage.

Founding Mothers

Despite Kerry’s loss on Election Day, without a doubt UA for Kerry made a measurable impact in our community. In 2004, almost 1,500 more people voted in the presidential race than in 2000. Yet Bush received no more votes in UA in 2004 than he did in 2000 -- in fact, he received fewer. Kerry received 34% more votes in UA than Gore did in 2000. And Kerry won six UA precincts -- up from none in 2000.

Moreover, UA for Kerry provided a safe and welcoming forum for Democratic, progressive and Republican voters who disagree with the current administration. Our Sunday evening speaker series was testament to this as attendance was consistently over 100. The ubiquitous UA for Kerry sign served as not only a unifying image for the membership but also as a thorn in the side of the some people in the community who sought to silence our voices with lawsuits and negative media.

Today, UAPA continues on in the spirit of the original organization by supporting many of the very same issues that were championed by John Kerry, as well as other issues and candidates relating to our local community.

We hope you can join UAPA in our quest for a more just, responsible and accountable America, one community at a time, and be a part of grassroots democracy at its best.

Upper Arlington Progressive Action – no hype, just hope.

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