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Don't Miss the Backyard BBQ Bash

Backyard BBQ Bash with Ed and Sharen

Sunday, July 20, 5-8 p.m.
2491 Lane Road, Upper Arlington

A fun evening with Ed Fitzgerald and Sharen Neuhardt, our next Ohio governor and lieutenant governor!

Hosted by Melissa and Herb Hedden.

RSVP: Erin Ryan, 440-382-2900 or

$500, $250 or $100 (contribute to Friends of Fitzgerald-Neuhardt or online at Backyard BBQ Bash)

Read about Ed and Sharen.

Host Committee: Susan Allardyce, Carole DePaola, Mary & Tom Fries, Melissa & Herb Hedden, Diane Reichwein & Ron Koltak, Melodee Kornacker, Maryline & John Kulewicz, Kathy & Fred Ransier, Jody & Tim Scarbrough, Zack Space, and Rick Topper


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