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Fossil Fuels

Term used for fossil fuels such as oil, gas, and coal.

Letter to the Editor: Wind, Solar Supplement Fossil Fuels

Letter to the Editor
Columbus Dispatch
April 4, 2014

In his Saturday letter “Energy mandates should be reviewed,” Sam Randazzo of Industrial Energy Users-Ohio made a lot of
claims about how bad the energy-efficiency targets are that the Ohio legislature enacted in 2008. Most of his claims were

We must do something to decrease our oil and gas usage. Yes, there is a boom now, but how long will that last and what is the

Key West environmentalist gives true picture

A disaster, not a spill:

"A 'spill' is what you get when you tip over a glass"

Environmentalist Dennis Henize, an Ohio native who has lived in Florida for decades, gives insight into the BP oil situation. A hurricane expert, he retired as station chief of the NOAA weather station in the Florida Keys. His report:

I'm trying to be objective, but I cannot help some of my cynicism escaping -- this whole thing has been characterized by lying and more lying. The honcho from the Coast Guard STILL sounds like his scripts are written by BP.

Here's a web blog by a non-professional scientist who has been doing an excellent job of tracking oil using satellite imagery ( ). His analyses early-on gave the first indications that oil was getting close to, and then some entrained in, the Loop Current. And his analyses yielded the first estimates, later validated by other scientists and eventually admitted by BP and the government agencies, that the amount gushed was far greater than first admitted. (I don't call this disaster a spill; a "spill" is what you get when you tip over a glass.)

Who has the oil? Who uses the oil?

“The United States consumes more than 20,000,000 barrels of oil per day but has less than 2 percent of the world’s remaining oil."

This map, produced by BP’s Statistical Review division, shows countries based on known crude oil reserves. The larger the country, the more reserve capacity. Click on the map for the large high resolution version.

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