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How Cuts in State Taxes Will Cost YOU Money

Robbing Peter to pay … Who?

Thanks to the Kasich administration policy of eliminating the estate tax and cutting funding for local government, Upper Arlington may never be the same.  The duty of supporting our city is falling directly on our shoulders. And it is a heavy burden as cuts threaten the reasons why we choose to live in our lovely town.

The Kasich clan crows about “no new taxes.” Hogwash. Our streets and infrastructure are falling apart. To fund capital projects, programs and staffing are cut to the bone. Council and administrators have taken heroic measures to reduce costs, form partnerships and share services.

It is not enough.  The city must Increase tax revenue – which probably means raised municipal income taxes are in our future.

All so Kasich and his cronies can make their donors and lobbyists happy.

The countdown to the 2014 election has begun. And every minute counts!

To learn the full scale of the impact of GOP cuts, read the UA Citizen Financial Review Task Force presentation to council or the full report.

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