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Important Coffee and Conversation This Saturday!

cJoin us this Saturday, March 3, 2012, from 9:00 - 10:30 a.m. at Park Creek Kitchen, 2124 Arlington Avenue.  Our dynamic speaker will be Dick Gunther, professor emeritus of political science, Ohio State University, who will reveal the latest initiative of how congressional and legislative districts will be drawn by citizens (not legislators) and how we can help get it on the ballot this November.

Why don't our politicians listen to us?

Our politicians are going into back rooms to draw districts that benefit themselves -- to ensure their own re-elections without being accountable to the voters.  In order to gain political advantage they have created bizarre districts that zig zag across Ohio and split apart cities and counties. Instead of voters choosing their politicians, politicians are picking their voters.  

How bad is it?

Despite Ohio having equal numbers of registered Democrats and Republicans, of the 16 new districts drawn by legislators, 12 are so ironclad Republican that even Mo, Larry or Curly could win with an R behind his name as Joe Hallett so aptly stated in his recen Dispatch Op-Ed. And this imbalance would continue for at least 10 more years -- cementing in place the gridlock in Congress we have  all come to despise. But this is old news.  What has changed to make this a current event?

A coalition of good government types, known as Voters First Ohio, have organized a campaign to get a constitutional amendment on the ballot this November, one in which citizens, not politicians, would draw districts. The results of this redistricting would impact the 2014 election -- no waiting for change until 2020.  Dick Gunther will share with us what is at stake, where we are in the process of collecting signatures and how each of us can help.  You will be inspired by how well organized this campaign is, how they have done their homework to make this a successful endeavor, and how this is one effort that we can feel confident working supporting with our time and money.

There will be a $3.00 charge per person for coffee, tea, muffins and fruit. Come and meet your fellow progressives in UA!



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