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New school immunizations? BANNED! The Unintended Consequences of Issue 3

Ohio's Issue 3 (more info below) is a disaster waiting to happen and current polling shows it passing on November 8th by wide margin. Unless you help get the word out.

Every major Ohio newspaper has come out against Ohio Issue 3 even traditionally conservative papers that endorsed Issue 2.

Plunderbund: "For example, if Issue 3 passes, Kasich would be unable to attempt many of the reforms on Ohio’s Worker Compensation system that he’s been promising. And conservatives would likely find any new anti-abortion laws to be in violation of Ohio’s constitution under the changes implemented in Issue 3. Reporting of new contagious diseases? Banned under Issue 3. New school immunizations? BANNED!"

Read the research Innovation Ohio published about the amendment's unintended consequences.

Issue 3: Sloppy, costly and wildly off-target

This year it's easy to remember:

NO-NO-NO on Issues 1, 2 and 3.

The 411 on Issue 3

Issue 3 seeks to overturn parts of the Affordable Care Act, which expands health coverage and reduces health care costs. Experts have determined Issue 3 will cost Ohioans millions in unnecessary lawsuits and that it would likely ban, freeze or prohibit child support orders, workers compensation, COBRA payments, school immunizations, disease tracking and court-ordered rehabilitation. It puts at risk Ohio's ability to license doctors and would prohibit Ohio from regulating health insurance companies.  A “No” vote on Issue 3 will protect health care in Ohio and expand coverage to people who have been previously denied


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