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Leslie Heath's Court Date with the Tax Man

BuckeyeState blog recently posted an entry regarding Leslie Heath's run in the UA City Council race. The Ohio Dept of Taxation seems to think that Leslie Heath and her husband owe over $11,000 in Ohio taxes. To see the court record, search on the Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas web site for the name 'Leslie Heath' or look at this screen shot.

Based on the feedback from our membership survey, nearly all of our 118 survey respondents indicated that unpaid personal income taxes or business bankruptcy would effect their vote.

Update: AsOhioGoes has also picked up the story and added to it.

Update2: Heath, accountant explain tax snafu



From the UA News, October 24, 2007:

Heath, accountant explain tax snafu

As Election Day approaches, public records concerning Upper Arlington City Council candidate Leslie Heath have become fodder for anonymous e-mail messages and Internet bloggers.

While public records indicate Mrs. Heath and her husband owe more than $11,000 in state income taxes for 2001, she said the whole thing is an unfortunate misunderstanding.

"We always pay our taxes," Heath said.

The Heaths' accountant, Bill Warren, supported the claim.

"Taxes were field, but something got lost," Warren said. "It was a freak screw-up."

The situation continued because the couple moved in 2001 from Hilliard to Upper Arlington and they never received notification from the state of the problem until August, when the attorney general filed a tax lien in Franklin County Common Pleas Court, Warren said.

The situation immediately was corrected with the attorney general, but the couple have to wait for the attorney general to send them documents to close the county court case.

"Their taxes are paid," Warren said.

"Everything is taken care of."

The situation was included in an anonymous e-mail message sent to the Upper Arlington News earlier this month. Last week, the information was posted on at least a couple of political blogging Web sites.

Heath is running against incumbents Ed Seidel Jr. and Mary Ann Krauss, as well as challengers Dan McCormick and Erik Yassenoff, for three open seats on City Council. Current Councilman Tim Rankin cannot seek re-election because of local voter-approved term limits.


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