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Jym Ganahl says global warming is a media mind-control conspiracy

The Other Paper is reporting that Jym Ganahl is going public that he is a global warming denier. Jym is Columbus-based NBC 4 chief meteorologist.

NBC 4's Jym Ganahl denies the connection between CO2 levels and global temperature increases.

In a YouTube video, Jym Ganahl denies the scientific basis behind global warming backed up by the hundreds of scientific peer-reviewed articles:

"At times we are under a lot of criticism for our thinking about global warming. And they wanted to take away our credentials and shut us down as meteorologists without any scientific basis or fact behind what they are saying." [Emphasis added]

Ganahl believes that a vast mind-control conspiracy encompassing virtually every media outlet is to blame:

"Remember when 'War of the Worlds' first came out with Orson Wells with mind control and controlling people through the media and you can see how that can happen. That over the course of the years -- with swine flu, with west nile --- we panic the population and then it turns out to be false. But it's amazing to me that people believe what they see --and the Internet is another tool for that --- and they can be controlled. And it's remarkable how invasive that can be."

Ganahl's belief about the causes of global warming contradicts the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) , which represents consensus in the scientific community. The IPCC concluded that the dominant causes for recent climate change result from these 3 human activities

Ganahl insists that the primarily cause of global warming is sun spots.

Here are the three critical points, backed up by science:

  1. The empirical evidence that human activity has and continues to add meaningful quantities of Green House Gases to the biosphere is overwhelming.
  1. Recent observed increased global temperature and other events around the world are highly correlated to those increased Green House Gas levels.
  1. Past climate models which predicted that an increase in Green House Gases from human activity would produce defined, specific consequences have been borne out.


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