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OSU's Dr. Lonnie Thompson to speak on climate change

Lonnie Thompson, OSU Distinguished Professor of Geological Sciences and Research Scientist in the Byrd Polar Research Center will be the featured speaker of the Columbus Natural History Society monthly meeting on Monday, December 6, 7:45 p.m. at the OSU Museum of Biological Diversity, 1315 Kinnear Road on campus. Professor Thompson will present "Climate Change: The Evidence and Our Options".

Includes 17-minute video showing a research team actually drilling an ice core.

Rolling Stone magazine says that there is no person in the world that has spent more time above 18,000 feet than Lonnie Thompson.

Also featured, two short documentaries: Core Catchers filmed by Ryan Vachon on a 2009 Cordillera Blanca, Peru expedition and a recent May/June 2010 ice core drilling in New Guinea. Don't miss this opportunity to meet Professor Thompson, and learn about his world renowned work.

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