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Stepping out: Thompson voices his opinion on global warming options

Lonnie Thompson's latest research paper is a first for him. For the first time he offers his opinion on mankind's three options for global climate change: mitigation, adaption or suffering. From a [December 2010] Op-Ed written by the editors of the Columbus Dispatch:

Thompson's latest scholarly paper, "Climate Change: The Evidence and Our Options," has made some waves, because for the first time, the respected scientist discusses not just his observations of the atmosphere and geology, but what they could mean for life on Earth.

It is significant, in that Thompson declares that societies have "taken little action to address this global-scale problem," and that continued inaction eventually will mean suffering. He outlines three options: mitigation, adaptation and - if the choice is inaction - suffering.

Lonnie and his wife together have provided much of the scientific evidence used to document global warming. Watch this awesome 11-minute Nova video on Lonnie's life and work.

Watch the full episode. See more NOVA scienceNOW.


And this video is excellent, too:


This month the Columbus Dispatch has published several other stories on this topic:


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