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Celeste Re-election Signs Available

State Representative Ted Celeste is running for re-election in the 24th House District. He will likely be challenged by former UA City Councilman and past-president of the UA Republican Club, Tim Rankin -- the same Tim Rankin who said of our organization in 2004, "they like to wear a bunch of t-shirts and write a bunch of letters to the editor. That doesn't mean their support is growing."

We've been proving him wrong ever since. (Ted Celeste Facebook)

Show your support for Ted's positive and principled leadership and sign up for a Celeste yard sign today using the form below. Be proud to show your friends and neighbors how deep Ted's support is here in Arlington. You will receive your sign prior to the March 4th primary.

Sign-up here to get your Ted Celeste sign.

Please provide your address and phone number (which will not be posted) so that the Celeste campaign can follow up on delivery instructions.

Thank you for your support of Ted Celeste's re-election!

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