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2008 County and State Candidates

UAPA is providing a list of Franklin County and Ohio races. Democratic candidates running for partisan office Nov. 4, 2008, are listed. The party of candidates for non-partisan races is not included. Candidates' official Web sites are linked wherever possible, but sometimes the only information available is a Columbus Dispatch endorsement or article.

Representative to Congress, 15th District

Mary Jo Kilroy

State Senator, 16th District

Danielle Blue

State Representative, 16th District

Ted Celeste

Franklin County Commissioner

Paula Brooks

John O’Grady

Clerk of Courts

Maryellen O'Shaughnessy

Franklin County Sheriff

Jim Karnes

Franklin County Treasurer

Edward Leonard (Columbus Dispatch endorsement)

Franklin County Coroner

Jan M. Gorniak (Columbus Dispatch bio)

State Board of Education, 16th District (non-partisan)

Kristen McKinley

James Moyer

Larry Wolpert (Columbus Dispatch bio)

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