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Interested in Redistricting in 2021? Learn More.

Back in 2015, Ohioans passed a new process for redistricting state districts; in 2018, we passed a (slightly different) process for Congressional districts. Now, in 2021 we have the opportunity to put these processes into action. Find out more about how redistricting works and what you can do to make sure we have the fairest districts possible.

We had excellent Zoom meetings: the first by Richard Gunther covering the history and legal requirements involved; and secondly, by Catherine Turcer (Common Cause/Fair Districts) and Katy Shanahan (All On The Line, Ohio) the actions we might take.

On 1/28/21, Dr. Dick Gunther gave a snappy overview of the background, requirements, and present status of redistricting in Ohio in view of the updated laws passed in 2015 and 2018, but to be implemented in 2021.

Presentation on 2/2/21 by Katy Shanahan (All on tavee Line Ohio) and Catherine Turcer (Common Cause/Fair Districts) on actions that can make for fairer districts. Note: the recording misses a minute or two at the beginning of the presentation, but does include responses to questions at the end.



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