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Do You Know About Buckeye State Rural?

2020 Buckeye State Rual billboard designsBuckeye State Rural is a grassroots 527 PAC that grew out of an Indivisible group in Ohio Congressional District 15 (CD15). They have a completely volunteer board and raise money to place billboards on commuter routes in the 11 rural counties of CD15. In 2018, they placed five billboards which received 6.7 million views (impressions). Their messages are intended to enhearten Democrats in those areas and open a chink in very red walls.

Why billboards? Rural people are in cars. A lot. Many must commute to larger cities for an hour or more each work day. Drug, grocery, and other stores, doctor’s appointments, and other errands often require driving for many miles. There are surveys of commuters which say that people in cars look at billboards and pay attention to the messages they see.

This year, they are trying to place as many billboards as possible to encourage rural voters to consider voting for Democrats up and down the ballot in 2020. By working with groups and individuals in Ohio, they are on pace to have at least 25 billboards in at least six counties, not only in CD15, but in counties in other parts of the state. If your group is interested in putting one of their billboards in your area, contact them to discuss how they can work with you. Or make an individual contribution on their secure ActBlue page.


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