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Here We Go ... Again!

During the 2016 Presidential Campaign literally hundreds of UA for Hillary and Clinton/Kaine signs were stolen and/or destroyed. UAPA replaced the sign at one home five times.

The number and scope of signs stolen was not a random prank by a few kids. These actions are meant to be an act of intimidation and unfortunately, to bring Upper Arlington a step closer to the ugly world of “Win At All Cost” politics.

Progressive candidates for UA City Council (incumbent Carolyn Casper who is running for reelection and Michaela Burris) are now experiencing theft and vandalism of their lawn signs.


  • Stapling the bottom of the sign makes it more difficult to steal without the metal stand. Stealing the sign alone was the most common tactic in 2016.
  • Place signs in a well lighted area and/or, if possible, visible from your home.
  • Although a judgment call, signs closer to homes are less likely to be stolen.
  • Many home security systems now have video options. We would love to have videos of those stealing signs.
  • Consider filing a report to the UA Police

If you have other suggestions, let us know ( ) and we will add them to the list.

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