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UAPA Position on Recall Election

To:  Upper Arlington Progressive Action Supporters

From:  Upper Arlington Progressive Action Executive Committee

Historically, Upper Arlington Progressive Action (UAPA) has not taken positions on local issues, and, instead, has focused its attention and advocacy on state and federal issues and candidates.

Recently, disagreement on some local issues in Upper Arlington has resulted in the filing of petitions and the scheduling of a Recall Election on Tuesday, August 23, 2016, involving four of the members of Upper Arlington’s City Council.

Without taking any positions on the issues that resulted in the Recall Election, UAPA’s Executive Committee believes that this use of a Recall Election for four City Council members is unjustified and inappropriate.  We believe that Upper Arlington has realized many benefits from its stable city government and that this has been one of the factors that has made our community a very desirable place to live and work.  We believe that the use of recall elections to decide controversial issues is a waste of City resources and is likely to destabilize our City’s government.   For these reasons and others, UAPA’s Executive Committee has voted unanimously to urge you and its other supporters to vote “No” on the Recall Election.

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