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It's time to turn UA blue!

In 1928, Republicans pledged “a chicken in every pot.” Ninety-some years later, the GOP has forgotten that many Americans not only don’t have a chicken, they don’t even have a pot to cook it in. 

Romney says he wants to get into the Oval Office so he can strengthen the middle class by reducing the debt and maintaining tax cuts.  But trickle down economics have strengthened only the bank accounts of his millionaire pals, Wall Street traders, and special interest groups. And the rest of the 99% are suffering.

In 2012, UAPA not only pledges, “A chicken in every pot,” we vow “A sign in every yard!” House with multiple Obama/Biden yard signs Your Obama Biden sign will tell your neighbors you proudly support:

• The President who bravely took on the mess left behind by George W. Bush.

• The President who saved the United States and Central Ohio from a depression by saving the American automobile industry.

• The President who’s taking aggressive steps to put America back to work -- with more than 4.4 million private sector jobs and 28 straight months of job growth!

• The President who signed the Affordable Care Act of 2010 into law.

• The President who’s fighting for middle class security.

Stand with Your President and Order a Sign Today!  Romney signs and anti-Obama signs are starting to be spotted around Upper Arlington in greater numbers.  When you have an Obama/Biden yard sign in your yard, along with hundreds of other Democrats, progressives and rational thinking Republicans around Upper Arlington, you will be taking a stand for President Obama's policies that support equal protection and opportunity for all, and against Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Karl Rove, the Koch Brothers, and GOP's policies that protect the wealthiest people in our country. The President needs your support, and Upper Arlington needs to see who has earned your support!

Our delivery area:  Anywhere in Upper Arlington, Grandview and other neighborhoods bordering Upper Arlington.

If you already have an Obama yard sign from UAPA’s distribution earlier this year during the primary (or from the 2008 campaign), we encourage you to place it in your yard again.

Our Obama signs are sturdy, non-fade plastic with heavy-duty wire supports.  We're asking a minimal $5 charge per sign to cover our costs.  Simply go to our website and click on the “Obama Yard Signs” link on the top right. You’ll be forwarded to a page where you can easily and securely order a sign using PayPal or your credit card. A volunteer will plant a sign in your yard within several days!

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