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Iraq Summer In Ohio

We're heading into a watershed moment on Iraq. This September, General Petraeus will give his long-anticipated status report on the escalation and Congress will hold a huge vote on whether to set timelines to end the war. If there was ever a time to step up the pressure, this is it. So, we're making August one of the biggest-ever months of local action to end the war.

You may have seen yard signs bearing this message appearing around U.A. UAPA is supporting the efforts of Americans Against Escalation in Iraq ( AAEI ) in its "Iraq Summer" in Ohio campaign--an effort to put pressure on Republican legislators to break rank with the President on the war. Part of that effort includes placing yard signs throughout Congresswoman Deborah Pryce's district--a visible message to her while she is home for the August recess.

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Congresswoman Pryce said that she got the message from her constituents after her narrow reelection in 2006. However, she has continued to vote with the President to perpetuate the war.

A few Republicans have broken rank with the President. We need to encourage Congresswoman Pryce to do the same. We need to let Deborah Pryce know that the majority of Americans --- including those in her district -- DO NOT SUPPORT THIS WAR and want our troops home.

Compared to the sacrifices of our troops and their families, placing a sign in our yards is the least we can do to show our support for them and to give them a voice here at home.

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