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Why follow Gahanna’s lead?

It wasn’t too long ago that the local Gahanna newspaper nicknamed city council meetings “the Tuesday night fights.” Because of dissention among council members and other factors, the community was fading fast. But a determined group of residents, elected officials and city administrators were able to find ways to cooperate and vitalize their city.

The result is the Creekside development, an innovative mix of commercial, retail and living spaces in downtown Olde Gahanna.

Why should Upper Arlington citizens care what happened on the other side of town? Because we have an opportunity to bring innovation to our own area by insisting that Kingsdale once again become a jewel in our city’s crown.

The Regency preliminary proposal is not forward thinking. It is not sensitive to the neighborhood. It requires 16 variances to accomplish. It will not increase city revenues, but will increase demand on city services.

Let’s make our voices heard

Gahanna’s path to being named one of the top 100 cities in the U.S. was not always smooth. But planners listened to public opinion (at one point holding 12 forums to hear what residents thought) and incorporated what they heard into their concepts for Creekside.

Speak out. It is time for Kingsdale to once again become central to Upper Arlington life. It is time for all of us to advocate for a place where we can comfortably live, work and gather. It is time to bring excellence to bear on long-range neighborhood goals.

Let’s work together to regain what the citizens nearly 50 years ago felt when Kingsdale opened – pride.

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Take action!

  1. Email your thoughts and questions. Your emails will be answered as required and copies forwarded to Board of Zoning and Planning (BZAP) members so that they are informed of resident opinions as they review the preliminary development plan before them. City officials want and need to know how the residents of this community weigh in on this topic.
  2. If you share a common, mixed-use vision for Kingsdale – not just a retail strip mall - and would like to become part of a bi-partisan citizen’s group, sign up for updates and action advisories.

Want to do more?

  1. Attend the upcoming BZAP (Board of Zoning and Planning) meeting scheduled for mid-January.
  2. Send letters to Council and BZAP c/o The City Clerk's Office, 3600 Tremont Road , Upper Arlington , OH 43221 and share your concerns.
  3. Call the City Clerk's Office at 583-5030 or the Development Department at 583-5070 to have your thoughts recorded.

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