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UA supporters weigh in on presidential primary race

Many of us have been glued to the television watching primary results. Depending on how things play out over the next several weeks, Ohio could play a role in who becomes the Democratic nominee. We thought it would be interesting to find out how UAPA supporters are feeling about the candidates, so we implemented our first ever presidential primary survey.

156 UAPA supporters responded -- 140 of them in the first 24 hours! Here are the results:

QUESTION: If the US Presidential primary were held today, who would you vote for?

As we expected, an overwhelming majority (96%) of respondents would vote for a Democrat, but 4% would choose a Republican in the primary. Perhaps that demonstrates the diversity among supporters of progressive action.

UAPA respondents were split almost evenly between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, with Obama squeaking by. But the next question is, where are the 26% who were considering John Edwards going to turn since their choice has dropped out of the race?

As of Feb. 2, Rasmussen national polling showed Hillary Clinton 45% and Obama 37%. (see recent daily numbers).

  • Hillary Clinton = 48
  • John Edwards = 37
  • Barack Obama = 49
  • Mitt Romney = 1
  • Ron Paul = 2
  • Rudy Guiliani = 1
  • John McCain = 2

QUESTION: Choose five topics that will most influence who will vote for in the 2008 Presidential Election.

The Iraq War is the most compelling issue in this campaign, according to UAPA respondents, followed closely by health care and environment and energy. A distant fourth issue are taxes, spending and fiscal policy, and rounding out the top five topics is general foreign policy.

Surprisingly, given the current Administration's emphasis on terror and Homeland Security, that topic was 10th on our list of influential topics.

Click on the graph above for a high resolution version.

  • Campaign Finance and Government Reform = 20
  • Environment and Energy = 91
  • Iraq War = 99
  • Education = 50
  • Foreign Policy (General) = 55
  • Health Care = 93
  • Taxes, Spending, and Fiscal Policy = 65
  • LGBT Rights = 6
  • Separation of Church and State/Religion = 41
  • Iran = 15
  • Israel and Palestine = 4
  • Abortion = 18
  • Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare = 35
  • War on Terror and Homeland Security = 20
  • Trade and Globalization = 26
  • Drug War = 1
  • Stem Cell Research = 12
  • 2nd Amendment / Gun Control = 7
  • Immigration = 10
  • Capital Punishment = 3

QUESTION: How difficult will the upcoming presidential race be for the Democratic presidential nominee to win?

UAPA supporters see a hard-fought road ahead, but one that will end in a Democratic triumph if progressives work together.

  • It is going to be a slug-fest against the Republicans and Democrats will have to work very hard to win = 108
  • The Democratic turnout in the primaries and all the money in the coffers will give Democrats a real edge = 27
  • It is unlikely the Democrats can beat the Republicans in the presidential race. = 5

QUESTION: Why do you support UAPA?

A total of 67 respondents commented..

  • Many comments dealt with a feeling of community that was absent in our city before the formation of a progressive coalition.
"It was wonderful to discover that even in Upper Arlington, a progressive voter was not alone."

"I support UAPA because of the like-minded, socially responsible people who participate."

"I love living in UA, but wish there were more here that shared the same political views I do. UAPA seems like a good way to make this happen."

"It is great to know there are people interested in being active at a local level, to discuss issues, and not wait for others to take the initiative."

  • There was positive response to the activies UAPA offers.

"(UAPA) organizes UA progressives and brings them together on a regular basis. It brings important issues to our attention. It sponsors speakers and other educational programs. It promotes the community."

"It's awesome grassroots democracy in action! Smart programs, smart newsletters, great Web site. Go team!"

  • There are many who are ready to make our social network even stronger, and reach our goal -- a Democrat in the White House, a Democratically controlled State House and Democratic local government.

"The first President Bush made me a Democrat and the second one has made me an activist."

"I'm tired of the Republicans. They're proven bunglers who don't deserve to be in elected offices. Right now they're squandering our children's futures."


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