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What you can do to elect Barack Obama

In these closing days, Barack needs our help now more than ever. We only have 5 days left.

  • The attack robocalls targeting swing states like Colorado, Ohio and Pennsylvania are beginning to have an effect (CNN: 'Obama's lead slipping, polls show').
  • In 2004, the polls show that Bush overtook John Kerry in the last 7 days before the election.
  • The percentage of Republican voters in a presidential election year typically reaches 90%. Democratic turnout typically is under 80%. When you consider racial bias, Senator Obama’s poll numbers drop by about 6%. Translation: we need to be sure that every Obama supporter votes!

We need your help in the following three ways:

Help get out the vote!

Canvassers and phone bankers have been identifying Obama supporters over the past few months through persuasion door knocks and phone calls. Now that the persuasion part of the campaign is over, we’re concentrating on getting out the vote (GOTV).

We need canvassers throughout the day from Wednesday, October 29 through Tuesday, November 4th - Election Day -- to deliver one message and one message alone to identified Obama supporters: We need you to vote – and we need you to vote early!

There’s a shift for everyone: moms with kids in school, working men and women, people who prefer weekend volunteering. If you can only help us with one shift – THAT’S HUGE! Recruit a friend and make an even bigger difference!

If you can canvass, email us at

Vote early so you can help us now and on election day!

We need for you and all your Barack-supporting friends to go vote early. You can early vote 7 days a week at Veterans Memorial at 300 West Broad Street, M-F 8am-7pm; Saturday from 8am-5pm and Sundays from 1-5pm.

Invite your friends for coffee, then go vote. Meet your friends for lunch, then go vote. Go vote then go see Oliver Stone’s new movie together. MAKE IT FUN!

Click here to access a copy of a sample ballot with all the endorsed Democratic candidates including early voting information. That should answer your questions. If not, you can click on the links to the Secretary of State’s website and the Franklin County Board of Elections site for more info.

Be part of the letter-sending campaign!

If you have been the unlucky recipient of a McCain robocall, then you’re familiar with the smear campaign that’s being run against Barack. These robocalls are an act of desperation.

The Obama campaign is countering with a letter-writing campaign. 80,000 letters are ready to be mailed in Franklin County – and they need to go out this week. The letters, envelopes, targeted addresses and stamps are all provided (although using your own stamps would be a great contribution to the campaign, if you are able to do that).

All you need to do is write the person's name in the greeting, sign it, put a personal P.S. at the bottom sharing why you are voting for Barack and address the envelope. If you've been wondering what you can do from home, this is it! If you haven't been able to canvass or phone bank, this job is for you!

If you can send letters, email us at

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